3 Forex Marketing Ideas For The Coming Year


Forex marketing in 2015 has made a lot of changes to the Forex business, making it harder for interested companies to sign in new clients.

It started now and will continue in the future, marketing officers at the foreign exchange brokerage will have to come up with new ways to draw in traders and not lose them to another crafty dealer.

In this article we highlight 3 Forex marketing campaigns an agent can use to pull in brokers in the coming year.

Forex Marketing Tips!


Build Trust

Since the Swiss Franc turmoil, dealers are looking for more RELIABLE and honest deal when applying for an account with a Forex broker.

Since early this year, numerous brokers have seen a steep drop of clicks of their online advertisement spent, in this manner have started to highlight how “secure” is their platform, assets, regulation and execution.

The following are some examples of web index showcasing battles controlled by FxPro and IC Markets where they highlight the TRUST component of opening a trading account with their company.

Another example is to highlight the negative equalization security of customer assets,

as this is one of the real issues of numerous traders since FXCM, Alpari UK and other agent news.

In the picture below, FxPro is showing the status (that numerous traders like yours cover) in an advertisement show on Forex Media locales.

Offer Something in Return

Many a traders focus on volume, one of the approaches to draw them in is by offering something back, for example, a discount, cash back, % of the spread or other (you choose), which would in the end basically mean sharing a piece of the profit your representative would be getting from the executed trades.

This is a somewhat straightforward setup that can be executed either by enabling advertising, deals and back office, or notwithstanding getting together with your IT division to show the information on rebates, exchanges and deposits in an interactive info graph of the brokers’ area.

The main thing to consider is to accurately compute the “caps”, accomplice discounts, exclusions and conceivable arbitrage situations for your broker.

Highlight The Competitive Edge

Numerous traders give same solutions in trading, on the same Meta Trader platform, to the same dealers, at the same time. In any case, by what method would you be able to separate yourself from the rest?

A few agents do it by expressing how “near zero” is their spreads, payments, and transaction charges. The following is a decent illustration from Exness on an Interstitial (popup) banner.

Sadly, this is not a new technique as it has been used over and over again by various brokers 99% of the time since the beginning of Forex.

So if you think you would rather follow your broker’s display feature, always consider what you want to highlight as most probably almost all of your competitors is offering the same thing and the trader might think that he has exactly the same thing on his hand, so why would he switch right?

These are just 3 of the many Forex marketing ideas that you can employ to make a dent in the crowded world of the industry.

But no matter how small the difference this might bring, still, it’s a step in the right direction as you are still after the well-being of your traders!

Happy Trading!

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