6 Top Reasons To Become An Affiliate

6 Top Reasons To Become An Affiliate

Starting an on-line business is not really that different from a bricks and mortar start up. You still need a product to sell, you need somewhere to sell that product from, you need a way for your customers to pay you and you need a way to deliver the product to your customers after they buy it.

Affiliate marketing solves all these problems and more. The only thing you need to provide is your website to sell from. The rest is taken care of by the affiliate program:


Why Should You Become An Affiliate?


1. Minimal start up costs: All you need is a domain, a website and hosting. The whole thing will probably cost less than the price of a pizza.

2. No back office operations: You won’t need staff, payment processors or a delivery department. All that’s taken care of by the merchant you promote.

3. No product? No problem: There is an endless supply of high quality products to promote as an affiliate. Best of all, you can scale your business effortlessly and promote multiple products, sometimes even from the same website so your start up costs are even lower.

4. Limitless knowledge: Every single product you promote will come with a library of content and creatives to use. From articles to how-to guides and from images to video. You don’t have to be an expert to promote a product as an affiliate. The merchant is the expert, you just need to use the tools the merchant offers you.

5. Recurring income: Affiliate earnings are passive income. That is to say, once you’ve done the initial legwork, your affiliate websites can make sales around the clock. Do the work once, get paid for the work multiple times. Passive and scalable. Do it once, rinse and repeat.

6. Work at your own pace: Of course, the more effort you put in, the more you get out, but as a rule, successful affiliates can choose when and where to work at their business. You’re not tied to an office so even when you’re on holiday you can be updating your website. Flexible and mobile.

Successful affiliates know the benefits of the model. They know the pitfalls as well though and one of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is not getting paid for your efforts at the end of the day. Merchants come and go and so do their affiliate programs. What happens when a merchant decides to abandon their affiliate marketing program? You can’t take your traffic back can you?

The answer lies in the proactive approach Avaz takes to safeguard our affiliates. Of course, we look after the best interests of our advertisers, but we take very good care of our affiliates as well. All the advertiser programs on the Avaz platform go through a rigorous, zero-tolerance approval process. If the advertiser doesn’t meet our standards, they don’t make it to our platform. No exceptions.

All the advertisers on our platform have funds on deposit with us and we take care of all payment to the affiliates. This way, our affiliates know they will be paid by Avaz and even if a particular merchant goes out of business, affiliates will always be paid in full for their sales.

We keep a very close eye on all our advertisers and any time their funds are low, we’ll send out notifications to the affiliates promoting the particular advertiser to lower their promotion efforts till more funds become available.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to create and expand a business. We have some of the best converting advertisers on our network making Avaz a better home for your affiliate traffic.

Sign up with us today to start earning your way towards the top! Happy affiliating!

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