We’re A Leading Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency With Exceptional Global Coverage

How We Started

Avaz was founded in 2014 with vision, drive and a team of young, talented professionals determined to be part of a creative and dynamic agency. We came together to create that exceptional idea, the notion of application and drive.
We never rest on our laurels – the internet moves too quickly for that. We evolve and adapt and that drive and application shows though in our dedication to our client needs.


We could give you the usual sound-bites here and talk about where we want to take Avaz but that’s not really what we’re about. Sure we have goals for where we want to take our business, but those goals have to coincide with your own goals and success as well.

Our goal is simple. We want to be your choice of affiliate partner network. Our mission is a bit more complicated. We want to be there for all the stages of your own business development and success.


We believe in being exceptional and that means attracting exceptional partners as well. We won’t take on thousands of projects but we’ll make the projects we do take on exceptional as well.

Our absolute minimum standard is excellence and that will permeate to all things we do, all the products we offer and the way we treat our partners on every level. We have the honesty to admit when we’re wrong and we know true growth can only come from constantly striving to be better.

We’ll Do More For Your Brand

Avaz will develop and nurture your campaigns. We’re more than an agency. We’re an extension of your own marketing department.

Enhance Your Exposure

We deliver more qualified leads and buyers for your products. Increase your brand’s exposure across a global network of high quality publishers.

Global Coverage

Our international network of partner publisher sites will give your brand an immediate global presence without high start-up costs or time delays.

Rock Solid Technology

Designed to perform, the Avaz platform is built on the award-winning Hasoffers technology to give you unparalleled levels of control for your campaigns.

Customised Service Levels

We don’t have a “one size fits all” solution. We design and build a custom marketing solution to fit your brand’s exact needs and requirements.

Dedicated Account Managers

No matter what your level of expertise, our dedicated account managers are here to optimise and fine-tune your campaigns to deliver the best results.