Geo-Targeting: Market Locally – Profit Globally

Geo-Targeting: Market Locally – Profit Globally

One strategy in online marketing which is often overlooked is the ability to re-direct your traffic to different check-out pages or merchant offers based on the geographic location that traffic originates from.

The technology to do this is very simple, certainly well within reach of anyone familiar with some basic coding but can multiply affiliate conversions and skyrocket commissions.

The process is quite simple. Traffic comes to your website and based on the origin of the traffic different offers or links are shown and the clicks segmented based on your geo-targeting preferences. Simple but hugely effective.

Many of the merchant offers you may choose to promote can have different commission structures for sign-ups from different countries for example or even block certain countries altogether.

This is particularly true for offers in the financial services verticals where a merchant’s regulatory status may prohibit them from accepting clients from the US for example.

Any sign-ups you send to that particular offer from the US won’t earn any affiliate commissions, so segmenting your traffic based on their geographic location makes perfect sense.

Alternatively, a merchant may well have different offers for traffic from different countries so again, sending the right traffic to the right offer is crucial to your success as an affiliate.

If you employ geo-targeting in your conversion funnels, you’ll be able to direct traffic to the best match check-out pages.

Going back to the financial services vertical for a moment, using geo-targeting, you can segment restricted traffic and divert it to an alternative merchant or match highest paying merchants with your highest value traffic.

Many of the merchants you promote will already have this geo-targeting option for you to use on your websites and will have different checkout pages for different countries.

Some merchants will even include a language feature into their geo-targeting so for example, if the system detects traffic from Germany, it will divert this traffic to a German language page with resulting increases in your conversion stats and higher affiliate payouts.

Geo-targeting can also be used to filter any required legal notices for countries where these notices may be relevant.

For example, many European websites display a cookie warning. Websites in the US don’t have this requirement so with geotargeting, you can make sure only your visitors from countries that have the cookie requirement see the warning.

The whole process is very simple. A visitor reaches your website and the system is able to recognise the country from the IP address. After that, depending on the settings you have used, the traffic will be directed to the various merchant offers you promote.

The whole system can even be configured to display different content for example to visitors from different countries and even offer personalised content on your website. Traffic from Germany for example could see a special offer for Germany while traffic from France would see a special offer for France.

The possibilities are endless and by fine-tuning the various offer and country combinations, your affiliate earnings can see a serious increase.

If you are interested in the concept, contact your Avaz account manager and start segmenting your traffic based on their geos. Your affiliate earnings will thank you.

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