How To Attract Online Advertisers To Your Website

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One of the most profitable strategies that online advertisers employ to sell their products online is by using ads – that is why bloggers and web site owners are continually trying to urge advertisers and sponsors to choose their website and solution.

Getting an advertiser to choose your website is not based on pure luck but rather on being able to know what the advertisers are actually looking for.

With this in mind, we wrote down what we think (based on experience) are the most common attractive propositions that advertisers simply can’t ignore.


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What Online Advertisers Are Looking For In a Website


Flexible budget

One important consideration that apparently advertisers always look into is if the program has a flexible budget.

The reason for this is that advertisers are always considering whether to increase or decrease their budget month over month. It all depends on their requirements and on the available opportunities.

50% PPC, 50% banners

Online advertisers also reported a 50-50 choice between PPC and banner Ads advertising. This indicates thumbs up scenario for websites selling banner space directly. Event sponsor ships and sponsored reviews are also being considered a lot.

Canned emails? It’s a no-no

Personalized emails are the way to online advertisers’ heart. Avoid using the same template over and over again to a lot of advertisers as this turns them off. They might totally skip your offer when handed a generic email template time and time again.

Be clear

Let’s say you are going to directly contact a potential online advertisers, always make it a point to include all the pertinent information (e.g., price, traffic, type of audience) and possibly to include a special offer or deal (e.g., free trial period) to entice the advertisers.

Design does not always equate to a sealed deal

Sure, your website’s design is cutting edge and stylish, but take note, majority of advertisers are more concerned on where their ads are going to be seen in your website.

Is the placement of the ads maximized to get viewers attention? When and if this is given priority, then you can be sure that advertisers would want to sign up with you.

Is your audience relevant?

 Another important factor that online advertisers consider a lot is the relevance of the audience and of the content.

Be sure to connect only to advertisers that are related to your niche, otherwise, you’d get a lot of turn downs.

Other factors

Other factors that advertisers might take into consideration include the price, traffic, number of RSS subscribers, and activity of the community (comments).

Don’t forget the following as well:

Offer additional features

The capability to move creatives is essential to some promoters. Secondly, composing a “thank you” post that will reach your RSS members might also be a plus in their view.


 Click-through rates is a major concern of most advertisers. A popular free tool for that is Google Analytics.

Be responsive

Not being responsive as a website or blog owner is the biggest turn off for many online advertisers.

It’s prudent to always give a timely answer to their queries, provide sufficient details, and make sure that they are getting value out of the deal. It is about building relationships and win-win situations, after all.

With Avaz all of these key takeaways are given much consideration. In fact, we are with you every step of the way for an unforgettable online advertising experience.

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