How To Craft A Killer CTA

CTA – Call To Action. The last barrier between you and an affiliate commission. Get your traffic to react to your CTA and you’ll be well on your way to affiliate success.

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve setup a killer website filled with creative and engaging content. You’ve given your traffic all the answers they need but your conversions are still stuck in the doldrums.

Maybe, just maybe, you need to tweak your call to action.



One of the first things to look at is the color of your CTA. While there’s no magic color that converts better than others, a recent survey revealed that 85% of people asked said color was one of the main reasons that bought a particular product.

We don’t know what that magic color is, but we can arrive at some pretty solid conclusions from the evidence we have on hand. Use contrasting colours to make your call to action stand out and choose from colours proven to create certain feelings and reactions.

Orange tends to encourage immediate action so use orange for your CTA if you want people to make an immediate choice. Orange is also a colour associated with inexpensive purchases so try it for your lower-priced offers. The results may well surprise you.

Blue is the colour of trust. The most popular colour in the world, use Blue for your call to action to make your customers feel safe and secure in their decision.

Red signifies urgency. Use Red for your call to action if you’re running offers with time limits for example or offers where the number of available items is limited.

Yellow tends to trigger low levels of anxiety while still promoting a positive feeling.

Green is universally recognised as the Go colour which is a great feature when it comes to CTAs. Green is an easy colour for the eye to process and is also associated with a state of relaxation.



The text you use on in your call to action is also vital to your conversion statistics. CTAs written in the first person have considerably higher conversion rates.

For example “Create My Free Account” would convert better than “Create Your Free Account”. Creating a sense of urgency also adds to your conversion rates. “Create My Free Account Now” is using the first person along with the urgency of “Now”.


Shape & Size

The shape and size of the button you use is also hugely important. Our brains are wired to avoid sharp corners so use buttons with rounded corners where possible.

Make sure to make the button big enough to stand out but not so big it spoils the overall look of your page. Mobile will be a big part of your traffic so make sure your call to action button is big enough to be usable on a mobile device.

Always make sure your call to action stands out. Make it one of the first things your traffic sees and try to place it above the fold (area on your page visible without scrolling) and make sure to leave enough space around it to be clearly visible and not blend in to the rest of the page.

This is your checkout. It needs to be visible. Think of the checkouts in your local supermarket. Always easy to find and always visible. That’s your call to action.

Use these recommendations and see how they impact your conversions. Try to run some simple A/B testing and let your traffic decide which CTA they like the best.

For example, test a Blue button against an Orange button and see which ones make the most affiliate commissions for you. A/B testing can improve your conversions by as much as 50% so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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