Is Your Shiny New Brokerage Affiliate Friendly?

Is Your Shiny New Brokerage Affiliate Friendly

So all your systems are go, your platforms are fully integrated and thanks to Apexum, you’ve got a great suite of products all revving their engines and ready to start you on your way to an exceptional ROI. You’re ready to accept traders and drive volume and revenue through your platforms.

All looking great, with one pretty glaring exception. Where are the traders? Well, since you made the wise choice to partner with Apexum you get a great marketing team ready to support you in all your marketing efforts. You also get a great affiliate system already integrated with your platforms and back-end products.

Affiliates will play a major role in your success as a brokerage operator. After all, it’s a purely pay-for-performance marketing model. Your affiliates don’t get paid till they’ve delivered so your up-front costs are minimal. What your affiliates will demand in return though isn’t only competitive payouts. They’ll demand accurate tracking, real-time transaction reporting and a choice of payment models.

Once an affiliate has referred a potential trader to you, the relationship from there on is based on trust. Your affiliates need to trust that their referrals will be accurately reported and measured and that they’ll get credit for all their efforts. Once an affiliate sees gaps in their referral reporting, that will be the end of that particular relationship.

We designed the Apexum affiliate system to have wide appeal – from seasoned forex publishers to new affiliates just testing the fx waters. Like all the other modules in our product line, we built the affiliate component from the ground up to be a perfect fit for all your brokerage affiliate needs – present and future. Your affiliate system will grow as your business grows, without any of the limits other systems tend to use.

Your affiliates will love the deep-linking and advanced tracking features and your affiliate manager will love the ease of use and flexibility of the system. We call it an affiliate system but it could just as easily be called an introducing broker system since it will happily serve as your IB portal as well, no matter that rebate or commission model you have in place for your IBs.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know that flexibility has to be at the heart of any brokerage. This flexibility finds a perfect home in the way we built the affiliate module. Working with CPA offers? Check. Working with rev share models? Double check. Working with hybrid schemes? Game, set and match.

The products you choose to use for your brokerage operations should allow you to define your model and concept. Our solutions allow you to dare to be different and that includes developing an exceptional program for your affiliates and IBs, an exceptional program powered by an exceptional solution. Apexum affiliates.