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Bitcoin Era Program

AVAZ media gives you the opportunity to work with a world-renowned offer Bitcoin Era, is a unique high-tech funnel that leads your traffic directly to one highest converting call centre based on language, Geo, time and traffic source.

This smart funnel accommodates your traffic according to statistics of best converting call centres and highest payouts on the network: that’s why with a simple tracking link you get an AI system that leads each client to individually chosen landing that guarantees the highest probability of FTD.

call center language supported:EN-DE-DK-ES-FI-IT-NL-NO-PL-RU

Payout Groups:

Geo Payout – AT / DE: $650.00 CPA

Geo Payout – BE: $650.00 CPA

Geo Payout – Nordics: $700.00 CPA

Geo Payout – IE: $600.00 CPA

Geo Payout – IT: $600.00 CPA

Geo Payout – LT / LV: $400.00 CPA

Geo Payout – NL: $600.00 CPA

Geo Payout – RU: $300.00 CPA

Geo Payout – SG: $550.00 CPA

Geo Payout – ES: $500.00 CPA

Geo Payout- GB: $600.00 CPA

Cookie Period

60 Days


Postback, reg and deposit events



Terms & Conditions

  • Regulated: Min $250 deposit + 2 trades
  • Unregulated: Min $250 deposit

General Restrictions:

Incent and co-registration traffic.