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AVAZ media is autorized representive of NSBroker
NSBroker is a brand owned by NSFX Ltd.

NSFX Ltd. was established by a crew of experts in the financial sphere with a clear-sighted perception of making a directed web trading brokerage, which would give investment administration to a wide range of brokers and foundations around the world.

The organization’s innovative foundation was developed within a profound comprehension of the broker’s progressing needs. Joined with robust associations inside the banking system and with liquidity suppliers, NSFX Ltd. intends to offer a standout amongst the best trading encounters in the market today.

Despite offering top of the line innovative arrangements, NSFX Ltd. Is focused on giving an expert and straightforward trading condition.

NSFX Ltd. trusts that keeping up the accompanying three pillars: Innovative Trading Platforms, Innovative Trading Tools, & Excellent Trading Conditions to the highest benchmarks empowers this.

NSFX Ltd. trusts the best way to deal with this announcement is through the foundation of 3 Pillars. The 3 Pillar Concept is based on the possibility that educated trading originates from giving Innovative Trading Platforms, Innovative Trading Tools, and Excellent Trading Conditions.
Call center support English, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish langueges

Payouts group

Country Commission
Poland $350
UK $600
Canada $600
Australia $600
Austria $600
Germany $500
Switzerland $600

Cookie Period

60 Days


Pixel (Reg + deposit events)



Trigger for CPA

Min deposit is 250$
5 min trades (not Lots, trades)

If the client withdraws his FTD (first time deposit), then we don’t pay for such client. It`s our protection from fraud.