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Shnox Program

AVAZ media is autorized representive of Shnox
Shnox is dedicated to creating a world where all your personal information and devices are protected from cyber threats and attacks at all times.

We are a company that provides exceptional cyber security software which protects your personal data and your devices from unauthorized access, attack, and destruction. We differ from other companies by offering you a complete collection of security components that go far beyond antivirus basics. We don’t sell your data and we guarantee that your private information will remain private and your device 100% safe from any cyber threats.

Our innovative security approach comes from a dedicated team of young professionals who are experts in their field and know what they are doing. With a combined 20 years of experience in cyber security, we have created a simple, yet very powerful software that is aware of everything that happens on the Internet. We can see all the good and bad things online which gives us an advantage to prevent all potential threats. Whenever a cyber threat is discovered, our software will constantly update its security features in order to protect our users.

Windows and Android only!

Payout Groups:

Geo – US, CA, IE, UK

Payouts – 40$ – Cost per Sale

Cookie Period

30 Days





Terms & Conditions

All actions step by step what customer needs to do to sale:

  1. User visits the product/landing page.
  2. After that clicks Buy Now and goes to Order review where he enters his details (First name, Last name, email and phone).
  3. After that clicks Continue with payment.
  4. Next step is entering his card details. Clicks Submit and the transaction is complete.