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Whether you are looking to monetize your existing website traffic or launch a completely new affiliate relationship in a new market or segment, the combination of technology and expertise we have on offer can make a substantial addition to your on-line ventures.

Top Brand Advertisers

Our advertiser network is made up of some of the leading brands across a whole wealth of verticals, giving our affiliates more scope to promote high converting offers across multiple industry categories. We manage some of highest converting advertiser offers with the most competitive pay outs.

Performance Methods
Advertisers on the Avaz platform operate on a CPA performance method. Under the CPA or Cost Per Action model, advertisers pay publishers for specific actions. For example, this could be filling out an on-line form or completing a purchase.
Tracking And Reporting
Our real-time reporting will show you exactly where your strongest campaigns are and which advertiser is converting best for your particular traffic demographics. Designed to help you optimise your publisher relationships, the Avaz platform drives more revenue and provides a streamlined management console to help you grow your business.
Flexible Payment Methods

Accepted forms of Payment:

This method is available to All Publishers

This method is only available to International Publishers


Search through all the advertiser offers in the Avaz network based on your own preferences – niche, geo-targeting, allowed traffic and pay-outs. Find the perfect match for your website traffic and get the best conversions and ROI for your affiliate marketing.


The Avaz link cloaking feature enables publishers to cloak all their affiliate links, hiding their marketing efforts from prying eyes and search engines. Never lose another affiliate commission and keep your marketing campaigns free from the copy-cats.


Inner pages converting better than the Home page? With our deep linking feature you can drive your website traffic to any page on a publisher’s website, while still benefiting from our industry leading tracking and reporting features.


Your affiliate business need to be dynamic in order to grow and thrive. You need to have a constant flow of information to fine-tune and optimise your marketing. Our real time reporting features puts all the information you need right there at your fingertips.

Cost Per Lead

CPL offers are a great way for you to monetise your publisher websites designed to generate sign-ups and registrations for advertiser offers that do not require sign-ups to submit any financial information such as credit card numbers for example. Once your referrals have submitted the required information, you receive the agreed cost per lead referral fee, without any further action required by the client.

Cost Per Sale

CPS is generally one of the most lucrative pay-per-performance models for affiliates as it requires referrals to go through the advertiser’s entire purchase funnel and typically involves clients submitting financial information as well. Many of the Avaz Cost Per Sale programs have built-in continuity (physical products for example) meaning repeat pay-outs for subsequent purchases by the sale customer.

Cost Per Download

Cost Per Download (also known as Cost Per Install) is a popular pay-per-performance model for affiliate offers concentrating on software and app downloads. Cost per Download is one of the fastest growing affiliate models and ties in with the enormous growth in the popularity of mobile apps. Through Avaz you can offer your website traffic the highest quality offers and enjoy the highest referral pay-outs.

Cost Per Action

CPA is an on-line advertising pay-per-performance model, where advertiser pay their affiliate for pre-specified actions. These actions can be take various forms such as submitting contact information, completed registrations or sales. Typically Cost Per Action offers require referrals to submit more information than CPL and usually involve customers completing a successful credit card transaction.

How To Succeed As An Avaz Publisher

Calculate Your Potential

Interested in finding out what your potential earnings are? Calculate your potential here!

1Content Is King

The algorithms search engines use to rank web-pages for any given keyword search are varied and constantly being tweaked and changed. One of the ranking signals all search engines agree on is relevant content. Relevant content helps the search engines display your pages for searched keywords and also help brand you as an expert in your field, establishing further authority signals which in turn, generate better rankings.

2Use Content Your Visitors Expect To See

One of the easiest and most effective ways to “speak” to your website visitors is to present content they expect to see. If you are active in highly visual markets then your potential customers will expect to see images. If your market (and competitors) are using video for example, then video has to be a part of your content creation strategies.

At Avaz, all our advertiser offers come fully loaded with a wealth of marketing materials you can use on your own publisher sites. Banners, images, articles and video will all be available inside your affiliate account with us.

3Develop A Feasible Plan

The best place to start is usually a market your are already familiar with. If you can draw on personal experiences to speak to your potential clients, you already know the questions you need to answer. Offer value in everything your present to your website visitors and this value will be reflected in your affiliate earnings.

Look at what your competitors are doing and use the materials our advertisers have on offer. Make a plan and stick to it. The best plans are the ones you actually follow, so be realistic with what you can and cannot do given the time and resources you have at your disposal.

Accepted forms of Payment


This method is available to All Publishers


This method is only available to International Publishers

Feel free to contact us: +14157600889

Payment Information

AVAZ is the most reliable network in the industry, and our payment history is impeccable.

There is not one affiliate who has not been paid for their traffic.

Our payment information is below:

  • affiliates start on Monthly NET-15 terms.
  • Minimum Payment Threshold: $50.00
  • Weekly Threshold: $1,000.00 per week.
  • Bi-weekly Threshold: $500.00 per week.
  • Wire Payment Threshold (FREE): $2,000.00
  • Wire Payment Fee (If under $2,000.00): $40.00

For more information: send us an email.

If you choose international wire as your payment method, you will be given the option to hold payment until $2,000.00+, where the fee will be free, or you will be able to request your funds if under $2,000.00 by accepting a $40.00 wire fee.

Become An Avaz Publisher

We come from an affiliate background ourselves and when we created Avaz we knew from experience what we wanted in the perfect network. That meant designing the best performing affiliate programs for experienced and beginner publishers alike.

No matter what your exposure to the world of performance-based marketing is, at Avaz we have the tools and expertise to take your affiliate relationships and revenues to new heights.

Why Join Avaz

  • Multiple Advertisers In Diverse Markets
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers
  • Global Offers
  • Advanced Real-Time Tracking And Reporting
  • Multilingual Advertisers
  • Timely Pay-outs
  • Multiple Performance Models
  • Flexible Pay-out Methods

Why Work With AVAZ

At Avaz we demand excellence and that means putting all our advertisers through our strict zero-tolerance compliance procedure. Over 65% of the advertisers that apply are denied and if an advertiser offer isn’t performing, we remove it from the network – no exceptions.

More than 75% of our advertiser offers are exclusive to Avaz. Forget about competing with the same offer from a different network.

We build relationships across all facets of what we do and our advertisers trust us for results. That trust means more exclusive offers for you to promote across more markets than other competing networks.