Retention Starts With Your CRM

With the ever expanding horizons of the internet era we’re entering a new age in marketing. The age of the customer. The world of smart phones, tablets, re-targeting and tracking pixels means our customers are never that far away from us. The flip-side of that particular coin though is that our customers are never that far away from our competition either. Ads follows us around as we make our way through the world of WWW and customers have more options right there at their fingertips than ever before.

Retention has become the new buzz word, not only in the world of online trading, but in pretty much any market which relies on continuity. More than most industries though, your brokerage operations will rely on the life time value of your clients. Trader acquisition is expensive so the life time value of your traders on your platform could make the difference between a run of the mill brokerage or the next world beater.

At the heart of your retention strategy lies your CRM or Customer Relationship Management software.

Forrester defines customer relationship management as the business processes and supporting technologies that support the key activities of targeting, acquiring, retaining, understanding and collaborating with customers. Your CRM will define to a great extent how you interact with your customers, how you approach your potential customers and how you maximise the trader life time value.

Customers can be fickle. Overlook a customer request and you’ll soon find out the hard way that bad news travels fast. Good news on the other hand is a lot slower to spread. That’s why you need to be in tune with your customer expectations and that’s why your retention policy starts with your choice of CRM.

As a brokerage operator you’re not starved of options when it comes to the choice of CRMs. There are a lot of excellent softwares out there and many of these can be tweaked to fit the particular needs of the modern brokerage operator. You’ll notice I said “tweaked”. With very few exceptions, CRMs don’t come pre-configured for forex operations. They need to be customised to match your customer expectations and those customisations can be costly and time consuming.

The Apexum CRM on the other hand comes with zero teething problems, zero costly and lengthy customizations and already fully integrated with your other brokerage modules. It goes beyond purely managing demo or live activations for example. Our CRM solution serves as a fully featured back-office system as well with advanced KYC and Compliance features.

Every step of your retention process will find a home in our CRM. From handling contacts, to managing client accounts and even your partner relationships, we’ve designed the Apexum CRM from the ground up to represent a truly stand-out product for brokerage operators.

We don’t meet customer expectations – we consistently exceed them and your CRM will exceed your own expectations as well.