Word of Mouth Marketing for Affiliate Programs

Word of Mouth Marketing for Affiliate Programs

The majority of non-traditional marketing campaigns depends, to a good extent, on word of mouth promotion at its core.

Generating discussion on social media about a product or blogging about it (whether official or not) operates the principle of telling people that trust you how good a certain product is.

Examples of famous non-traditional on-line promotional campaigns that rely on word of mouth include:

  • Social media promotion (particularly in generating unofficial discussions)
  • Blogging (this post, for example)
  • Posting on discussion boards
  • Recruiting influencers in your business

Word of mouth, altogether in its numerous forms, is extraordinarily powerful. As you’ll be able to see from the infographic below, word of mouth has a very high level of credibility both on-line and offline, and therefore the same holds true for its ability to draw in profits.

Infographics on Word of Mouth Marketing
This is true even to the point that though the person doesn’t know you well, they’re still inclined to trust you than they would an ad or a pushy salesman.This is why such a large amount of brands can use celebrities on-line, or regardless of how positive/negative the review is on-line.

Word of mouth marketing additionally has the potential to be one of the best viral forms of marketing.

Even though the one that you connect with doesn’t make a purchase, they will tell some other person that probably will buy. The name and reputation of your brand can spread rather quickly until someone does make a purchase.

With all of that being said, let’s consider some ways on how you can effectively use word of mouth marketing to promote an affiliate marketing network like Avaz.com that will make people do a successful sale, which in turn lead to earnings for you.

Use Social Media To Create Buzz

Talk about Avaz as having the best affiliate programs online without making it look like you’re simply spamming. Mention it on your social media sites. Look for discussion boards and suggest it, posting your affiliate coupon.

The internet is far and wide reaching, and you are never really sure how many people will see your post and click your link.

Blog About It

If you have regular viewership and blog following, then that’s a perfect venue to promote Avaz and its programs that pay.

Even if your blog niche has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, still, you can take the time off to write a short testimonial.

Tell All Your Friends

Your friends are an excellent place to start out with your word of mouth promotion, simply because they recognize you, trust you, and will even help you.

Even though they don’t subscribe to Avaz for now, they might still sign in to be an affiliate and sell Avaz to their friends—a win-win for the both of you.

Create Videos On YouTube

The statistics of people searching for the best affiliate marketing network each day can be really substantial.

Others tend to gravitate towards watching video clips than reading text information. Regardless of the rationale, if you’ll be able to give them a solution, you can increase your audience and product awareness.

Recruit An Influencer

Even though you don’t have any connections with major, established influencers on social media, you might know someone who is an influencer in real life. He might be someone who can really set a good example that will make people want to imitate him.

Word of mouth marketing is as cheap to a marketing campaign as you can get your money’s worth. Aside from being a face to face thing, it cuts right to the chase – the honesty factor making its conversion highly lucrative!

Why not start your word of mouth campaign with us today? Sign up to get started!

Happy affiliating and see you at the top!